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Marietta is a beautiful place to live in the south. You know that sometimes storms can be destructive, but you should feel safe knowing there’s one company around for all your needs: Rhino Restoration of GA. We are qualified roofing technicians with over ten years of experience working on roofs, so when disaster strikes we will come to fix it fast and get things cleaned up again before any more damage occurs.

Rhino Restoration has been providing high-quality storm damage roof repair for years, and our team of experienced professionals will always go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. We offer affordable services that can help prevent potential problems in the future or find any issues as soon as they arise.

What a Storm Can Do to Your Roof?

Many homeowners often underestimate the extent of damages a storm can produce. While it is rare for any type of heavy damage to be caused by storms, these are especially possible in Georgia with high winds that shake loose shingles and rain causing leaks as well as hail which could destroy them altogether! Rhino Restoration has your needs covered today if you have been a victim of this terrible weather event.

For those who love their homes and want to prevent any damage before it starts, storms can be particularly challenging. However, here are some simple suggestions from our team of highly trained roofers in Marietta:

It’s important to tie-down any light outdoor decorations or equipment so they don’t fly away in high winds.

  • In order not to have your tree swaying back and forth all night long, it’s crucial that you secure each branch near its base with rope before decorating as well.
  • Help prevent a costly insurance claim by cutting low-hanging limbs that could fall onto your roof.
  • A simple routine maintenance program can help keep your home safe and secure. Have regular inspections every year, in addition to after each heavy storm.
  • By regularly cleaning gutters and paying attention to the water, you can avoid pooling.

We Repair Hail and Wind Roof Damage

If your property’s roof has been damaged by harsh weather such as wind, rain, or hail it’s best to have a professional contractor replace the area that needs to be repaired immediately so other items do not become damaged.

We will come out and provide you with a free inspection, assessment of the damages to confirm. We’ll discuss our findings together as well as all your options for filing claims should it be necessary in order that no errors are made on either side.

Depending on the type of roof you have and how old it is, hail can damage your house in many ways. For example, if a quarter-sized rock hits our homes then it should be inspected because older roofs may also get hit by smaller stones that might not show up right away.

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For any roof-related damages that happen without warning, our emergency roofing services can help. Our team will come out and fix your damaged property with advice on what to do next for the best results!

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